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On this page, you will find links to a variety of sources that may be of help in learning about or teaching evolution.
The links are organized into four main categories:

Science: these links provide sources for the science of evolution and related topics. In addition to pages discussing research on evolution, you will find links to pages that talk about the evolution of specific groups of organisms, such as the evolution of dinosaurs.

Education: these links discuss how to teach evolution, or teaching in general that may apply to the topic. This section is broken into two subtopics, lesson plans and techniques. Practical, concrete things to try in the classroom will be found in lesson plans and the more conceptual aspects of particular challenges and how to overcome them will be found in techniques.

Museums: Many museums have expansive websites, with information on their exhibits, informational pages on science topics, along with special resources for teachers that may be used either in conjunction with a visit or by themselves in the classroom.

Blogs: A variety of excellent blogs written by professional science reporters or by scientists themselves which provide a handy way of staying current in evolutionary research, teaching ideas and strategies, and simply what is going on in the local area. While a few blogs are written to a scientific audience, most are written with the general public in mind and are enjoyed by many people with no formal training at all. The blogs are also separated into two main categories: those blogs mainly focused on science and those blogs who’s primary topic is education.

Comments are welcomed, although please be considerate. This site is moderated and rudeness will be ruthlessly eliminated.

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