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Animal Crosses Redux

it is truly amazing how easy it is to completely fall out of a routine if you break it for any stretch of time. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it is also often just as easy to fall back into it. in this case, I am hoping it will be easy to get back into writing for Paleoaerie after my unexpected extended break. There is much that will be coming as soon as I can. most notably the recordings of talks I gave at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR in the past month or so. One is on engineering a dinosaur, given just in time for the opening of Jurassic World. Speaking of Jurassic World, it is a great monster movie, as long as one is not looking for accuracy in its dinosaurs. But as the geneticist in the movie states, the real dinosaurs would have looked considerably different, but they wanted bigger, scarier, with more teeth. The other talk is on Arkansas fossils and why we need a natural history museum in Arkansas.

For now, I will just leave you with this puzzle. The pictures represent one of my favorite extant animals, simply because their young are so incredibly amazing. Leave your guesses in the comments section and stay tuned for the answer.



  1. Chase says:

    The Barnacle Goose?

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